1. Ricoh
  2. Smart Operation Panel

Finding the IPv4 address on a Ricoh MFP

How to find the IP address of the printer from the Ricoh Smart Operation Panel

  1.  First Navigate to the User Tools app, circled below:




  2. Inside the User tools menu select “Machine Features”:



  3. This will open the top level menu for all machine adjustments available on the panel, for now choose “System Settings”:



  4. Inside the System Settings menu are six tabs, we are looking for information inside the “Interface Settings” tab:



  5. The first two options on the top left are the IP address of the machine, and the gateway address of the network:



  6. These two options describe what network the machine is on, and ‘where’ it is on that network:



  7. This information can be compared to your local computer’s IP address and gateway address.

    For PC:

    Open the start menu by clicking the Picture 3, Then type in CMD, We are looking for the Command Prompt application.


Once in the command prompt window, type ‘ipconfig’ and hit enter. The window should populate a result like what is shown below.