Saving Preset File Names for Your Ricoh

A guide to setting up preset names when scanning documents from a Ricoh machine to a folder or e-mail. Basically it’ll just name the file automatically!

  1. On The Scanner page, set all of your preset settings (OCR, orientation, 2sided, etc) from the left side of the screen.

  2. Under “Send File Type / Name” Select the Name you’d like the scanned document to have.

  3. Click OK to return to the main scanner page, Click “Recall/Program/Change Program”

  4. Click “Program” and select a number to save your preset to. Name the Program accordingly

  5. To test, return to the scanner menu, click reset.

  6. Reopen “Recall/program/change program

  7. Make sure Recall is selected and then choose the program you just made.

  8. One the preset is selected you should be returned back to the main scanner page, Navigate back into Send File Type / Name and confirm your File Name was loaded properly.